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The mission of the Faithspotting Podcast is to spot and explore faith as reflected in popular film, TV, streaming programing, and music. 

Jan 12, 2024

Hosts Kenny and Mike discuss and spot faith reflected in Alxander Payne's and Paul Giamatti's latest collaboration (Sideways).  Set in a northeastern boarding school in 1970, the film portrays a dishovled and grumpy classics teacher Paul Hunham (Giamatti) at Barton Academny who is assigned the unpopular duty of supervising the boys who are heldover the Christmas break at the school.  Da Vine Joy Randolph (Mary Lamb) and Dominic Sessa (Angus Tully) join Giamatti in delivering strong, memorable performances worthy Academy Award and Oscar consideration. 

Faith Spotted:

As there was no rooms for Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem, for Paul and Angus, there is no room for them in the lives of family nor friends. 

Paul is a Christ Figure in his sacrificial act for Angus. The need to address and work through pain, loss and anger through grief, and the consequenses of letting those feelings linger, grow, and shape an individual. The nature of grace that community of broken persons can restore hope and wholeness through their care and love for one another.