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The mission of the Faithspotting Podcast is to spot and explore faith as reflected in popular film, TV, streaming programing, and music. 

Feb 9, 2024

Hosts Mike and Kenny review and spot faith elements reflected in the Academy Award nominated film by Celine Song. Past Lives stars Greta Lee (Nora) and Teo Yoo (Hae Sung) who were childhood friends and first loves, separated suddenly when Nora's family immigrated from South Korea to Canada. The film co-stars John Magaro (Arthur) who meets and marries Nora after she moved to New York. Nora and Hae Sung reconnect via social media after 12 years. Following another 12 year gap Hae Sung travels to New York to see Nora and meets Arthur. 

Faith Reflected:

The importance of pursuing one's passion and perhaps one's life calling. Then the importance of accepting the life you have and are blessed with rather than sacrificing the life you should have for the life you had and or did not have. Mark 1:35-39  

Paul's teaching in 1st Corinthians 13 that one puts away the things of childhood when one becomes an adult. One can easily covet the past life or the life that might have been rather than accepting and embracing the life one has been blessed with.

Understanding that the persons, relationships and experience in our loved one's past life has made them the person one now loves.