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The mission of the Faithspotting Podcast is to spot and explore faith as reflected in popular film, TV, streaming programing, and music. 

Oct 29, 2021

Kenny and Mike discuss and spot faith elements presented in the ultra-popular Netflix series Squid Game. Since teens and young adults account for a large percentage of the audience, Mike's kids, Maddie and Mitchell offer their thoughts on the most viewed Netflix series of all time. 

Faith Elements Spotted:

The presence...

Oct 14, 2021

In addition to discussing the film and spotting faith elements in the film MASS, Kenny and Mike also had a meaningful zoom interview with writer, director Fran Kranz and one of the four co-stars, Ann Dowd. The audio is included in the episode.

MASS is a fictitional the story a meeting between two sets of parents whose...

Oct 8, 2021

Following interviews with film directors Edson Oda, and Stephen Chbosky who both said that Dead Poets Society was one of the films that helped make them as individuals, Kenny and Mike discuss and spot faith in the Academy Award winning film directed by Peter Weir. Robin Willams and costars Robert Sean Leonard,...